Aspera on Cloud - all of your data with none of the waiting

IBM Aspera® on Cloud is a hosted service to quickly and reliably move and share your files and data sets of any size and type across a hybrid cloud environment―up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP.

Aspera on Cloud

Using IBM Aspera on Cloud, organizations can seamlessly access and share data stored across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers. Internal and external users collaborate over the data in a secure environment that tightly controls access to content and application functionality. Large files and data sets are transferred across the storage environment using Aspera's FASP® protocol, which overcomes the limitations of other file-transfer technologies to move data at maximum speed regardless of network conditions, physical distance between sites, and file size, type, or number.

With Aspera you can share content 10x, 100x, or even thousands of times faster than you can today using traditional methods like TCP, FTP, SFTP, HTTP or hard drives.

Try the Aspera FASP Performance Calculator to see how fast transfer might be for your organization.

Aspera Performance Calculator

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